Our Residential Process

Low Pressure House Washing

Our exclusive Low Pressure House Washing process guarantees that your home will not be exposed to damaging high pressure. We begin by walking your property noting any areas of concern to notify you about prior to beginning any work. Then we move into the actual house washing process by applying our professional grade solution to your home starting at the bottom of your property and working our way to the very top. This solution begins working immediately to neutralize and remove organic and non-organic pollutants. (also known as fallout pollutants). This process alone makes a noticeable difference in the appearance of your home! After we have allowed our professional grade solution to dwell on the surface for 5-10 minutes, we begin the rinsing process.

Ambient temperatures dictate what temperature we set our equipment at to control the temperature of the water that we rinse with (this ensures optimal cleaning during the rinsing step of the process). We rinse from the very top of your home to the bottom. Because we utilize such low pressure (also known as “soft washing”), we can directly rinse your windows and doors without the possibility of water being forced through the seals into your home! Once we have completed the rinsing step, if the client has opted for it, we will begin the sealant application of the process. The sealant is applied in a similar manner to the rinsing step from the very top to the very bottom ensuring that we have complete coverage.

Driveway/Sidewalk Cleaning and Restoration

Our residential concrete cleaning process begins with our technicians inspecting the concrete that is to be cleaned to evaluate it and decide what type of equipment and what settings to use; A majority of the time, we will utilize a piece of equipment that is called a Surface Cleaner. It resembles a floor buffer (so if you happen to look out your window while we’re working, we are NOT using a floor buffer on your driveway for cleaning). Before we begin using a surface cleaner, we will rinse the driveway ensuring that there are no small rocks, pebbles, or anything else that can cause damage to surrounding areas while we are conducting our services.

Depending on the severity of the surface pollutants, we may opt to use a degreaser or specific solution to help break the bond of the pollutants and your concrete. From this point, we begin the “surface cleaning”. We will usually walk back and forth the entire length of your driveway, much like the way that you mow your lawn, running our surface cleaning equipment to clean your concrete and restore it to it’s highest potential! After we have finished the surface cleaning process, the contaminates will be freed from the surface of the concrete, however they will still be present in the water on top of the concrete. To ensure that they do not form a bond with your driveway again, we will then use our wand attachment to perform a rinsing step on your concrete. During this step, it will reveal your newly restored concrete and most times it will be a night and day difference from the way it looked prior to our professional cleaning. If your driveway still requires more attention following the surface cleaning, we will then move on to different cleaning options such as concrete brightening, expansion joint cleaning, stain removal, etc.

Roof Washing and Restoration

To restore your roof to it’s highest potential and extend the life of your roof by performing this necessary maintenance cleaning, DCS of Fayetteville follows the cleaning method outlined by the ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association). We utilize specialized equipment that applies our professional grade solution as a non-pressure. We would prefer to say that it’s a “no-pressure” cleaning method, however the pressure that we utilize is roughly the same or less than the pressure of a light rain shower on your home. Yes, it’s truly that light of pressure! After applying our professional grade solution, we simply allow the solution to dwell on the surface as long as necessary to achieve our desired results (in most cases, 10-15 minutes is more than adequate to achieve those results).

Once all of the organic and non-organic pollutants have been removed and their bond has been broken with the surface of your roof, we will move into our rinsing portion of the process. The step of rinsing is accomplished with the exact same professional equipment to ensure that there is truly no more pressure than a rain shower contacting your roof to remove those organic pollutants. Once this step is completed, you will have immediate results revealing a professionally cleaned roof!

Window Cleaning

Our professional window cleaning is achieved by utilizing two different methods. The first method is our primary cleaning method for the exterior of your windows. We will utilize professional window cleaning equipment that consists of a specially blended brush on the end of a pole that is adjustable to reach various heights, even second and third stories on your home! This professional cleaning brush has very small water jets in it that sprays your exterior windows with deionized (sometimes called “pure”) water. By utilizing pure water, we are able to clean your windows without the presence of ANY contaminates in the water that result in spotting or leaving contaminates that are visible to the naked eye. This process will leave your windows absolutely crystal clear.

Obviously, we cannot utilize this same equipment on the interior of your home and have water going all over the place (even IF it’s pure…). So, for your interior windows, we will utilize traditional window cleaning methods. Our equipment consists of a bucket (which holds our pure water along with a specialized professional cleaning solution that actually lets our blades slide seamlessly across your windows), a “mop”, and a “blade” (also known as a squeegee). We will first use the mop to clean all of the pollutants on your window along with our professional grade cleaner. Once we have cleaned the window, we will then remove the excess solution and pollutants with our squeegee. This will reveal a perfectly cleaned window allowing unobstructed views of the outside of your home (you also don’t have to look at those cloudy windows any longer)! Depending on your home’s individual needs, we can also perform window track cleaning, frame cleaning, etc.