Low Pressure House Washing Process

Low Pressure House Washing Process

 Our exclusive low pressure house washing process guarantees that your home will not be exposed to damaging high pressure. We begin by walking your property noting any areas of concern and taking before pictures to notify you about prior to beginning our power washing services. In the case that you’re not home, please notify our friendly staff during the scheduling process if you would like these before photos forwarded to you prior to beginning work. Otherwise, we can provide you with before and after photos following completion of your pressure washing services if you request them.

Following the walk around, we will setup our equipment and move into the actual house washing process by applying our professional cleaning solution (specifically designed for your home’s type of siding) by starting at the bottom of your property and working our way to the gutters. The solution begins working immediately to neutralize and break the bond of organic and inorganic pollutants that are present on your home’s siding. The application process alone will make a noticeable difference in the removal of the pollutants! Different variables dictate how long we allow the cleaning solution to stay applied to your home (some home’s need a little more solution and a little more time to dwell on the surface to completely remove the pollutants, such as mold and mildew.

The third step is the rinsing process. Ambient and surface temperatures of your home dictate what temperature water we utilize during the rinsing process to ensure optimal cleaning. Our low pressure process (aka “soft washing”) uses larger volumes of water at VERY low pressures. In most cases, 300 psi or less is used on your siding for the rinsing process (which is approximately the same as what your average garden hose sprayer produces). Our professional power washing equipment allows us to adjust temperatures, pressure, and volume of water that is produced. Because we use this low pressure washing process, it mitigates the risk of water entering between double-paned windows due to failed seals, failed door seals, loose siding, soffit, or other sensitive areas on your home’s exterior.
House Washing Considerations

Please do your research on your power washing service provider. Being a true, professional power washer takes years of training and education. Just because someone owns a pressure washer, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a professional pressure washer.

Pressure washers are continually marketed to consumers in a manner that leads the consumer to believe that the higher the pressure the machine produces, the better it is. This could not be further from the truth. Our world is constantly evolving, as is the power washing industry. For the most part, using pressure in excess of 300-400psi will cause serious damage to your home, or more importantly, the equipment operator or others in the same area. Remember, just because I purchase an axe, it does NOT mean that I am a lumberjack.

Be wary of any company that utilizes pressure washing services as “add on” services. This is usually a good indicator that they are not professionals and could cause irreversible damages to your home.
Ask for the service providers credentials, general liability insurance policy, and do some online research on their company and check out their reviews. These are all GREAT ways to ensure that you’re truly hiring the right person for the job!