Low Pressure House Washing

Low Pressure House Washing

At DCS of Fayetteville, our Low Pressure House Washing Service is the safest way to clean and maintain your home’s exterior. We utilize a professional-grade, biodegradable solution that is safe for your family, pets, plants, and yard. This solution, along with our professional equipment and training ensures the absolute best results for your home’s exterior.

Why not use high pressure to BLAST away the mold, mildew, and contaminates?

The answer is simple. This method of cleaning damages your home. In the past, most companies utilized high pressure to effectively clean your home’s exterior. But there have been SIGNIFICANT advances in the industry since then and high pressure cleaning is a thing of the past. High pressure FORCES water BEHIND your siding where it cannot evaporate. This makes for a perfect environment where mold and mildew can thrive and grow and makes it impossible to eliminate without removing your siding.

DCS of Fayetteville Offers

  • Low Pressure Cleaning (Soft Washing) – The BEST way to properly clean your home.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Safe for your family, pets, plants and yard.
  • Our Guarantee –  If for some reason we don’t get it right, we will come back and ensure that it’s cleaned to it’s highest potential!
  • Professional – Our certified technicians utilize the industry’s professional grade equipment as well as professional grade cleaning solutions for each service that we offer.